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Valentine's Party Food

There is an old saying that a way to man's heart is through its stomach and that holds absolutely true for women too. So this Valentine's day win heart of your valentine with some great food. If you are planning Valentine's party than arrange some great food. Food is the core element of any party and must have. Certain Foods for ages have been considered aphrodisiacs. Every Food has its own medicinal properties and it has hormonal effect on us.

Chocolates the important delicacy of Valentine’s Day considered symbol of love and lust contains theobromine, which is a stimulant to the brain that creates a pleasurable effect. Professor on nutrition at California State University in Long Beach says, "Eating is a process of entering into the body and feeling joyful and fulfilled". Want to arrange Valentine's party one can go for tea party, brunches, dinner each one of it involving variety of foods and drinks namely:
Valentine's Tea party

Drink some tea with your valentine. Tea party is a great reason to catch up with your friends and family. It's a way to celebrate the friendships Tea and coffees have caffeine, which causes the release of epinephrine, which stimulates the body. It can be offered with cakes, cookies and chips.
Choosing a theme you can make tea party memorable. Some possible themes are:

Oriental: Use a silk tablecloth on a coffee table low to the floor. Guests can be seated on cushions or mats. Light the table with a string of paper lanterns. Use bright red, gold, purple and whites to decorate the room and origami birds at each setting. Serve tea with chocolates cakes, brownies and banana chips.

Snow Flake Tea Use a dark blue or a red tablecloth and cover it with a white lace one. Cut out snowflakes and hang these over the table on white strings or ribbons. Serve some white treats cookies with white icing, small dishes coconut pudding, white chocolate chip cookies or rocky road pizza.

Valentine's Tea Party: Red and pink are the colors to use for this party. Cut hearts to sprinkle on the table. Use big hearts for placemats. Serve sugar cubes with the tea. Pick pink and red colored teas such as raspberry, Bing cherry, strawberry and pomegranate. Serve heart shaped cookies and peanut butter cookies. To make your Valentine's tea more special share it with your Valentine. Include other treats at the tea: heart-shaped scones, shortbread cookies, and crackers would go well with sweet tea.

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