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Valentine Games for Couples

Valentine Day is here and you have started thinking about the enjoyment. The perfect day to roam with him or her and share romantic talks. Come up with your inner feelings and make your beloved feel on the top of this world. Organize a valentine party with your friends and make it an exciting affair.

Decide a perfect theme for the Valentine party and make it a memorable occasion. The valentine party will be incomplete without the valentine games so make sure to organize romantic valentine games. These romantic games add excitement to the occasion and will give couples a chance to go down the childhood days and enjoy the game.
You all you couples out there pull up your socks and get ready to experience the tour of romance with valentine games and make these moments a memorable one. Participate in the games with full enthusiasm and be a winning couple.

If you want some ideas to organize valentine games for valentine party then go through the given below ideas:

Dancing competition: This game will give the couples a chance to enjoy the valentine party to the best. Organize a dancing competition for all the couples and let each couple participate in this game. Let each couple perform their dance.
Jury will decide the winning couple and present them with a romantic gift. Make the occasion of this valentine a memorable one for all the couples so that they can cherish the memories associated with it in the years ahead.

Ask questions: This game will decide the intimacy between the couple. Ask questions to one person about the partner and wait for his or her answer. Tally the answer with the answer given by other partner. Look for the couple where both of them gives the correct answer. Questions like your partnerís favorite color, food item, etc. can be asked. Ask these answers to the partner as well and if the answers match give a point. The couple giving all the correct answers will be the winner.

Musical Game: This is a very old game that is often organized in many parties. Arrange the chairs according to the number of participants. The couples move around the chairs as the romantic music is played. Once the music stops all the participants look for a chair. When the last two players are left, play the music for a long time and then stop. The one who gets the chair to sit will be the winner. Every couple will be excited about the game and will want their partner to be the winner.

So just organize the above valentine games for the lovebirds and make this occasion of Valentine an exciting affair.
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