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Home »Top 10 »Top 10 Table Wines In The World

Top 10 Table Wines In The World

The use of the finest table wines for grand dinners and lunch has been a primary custom since ages. In the past, dukes and monarchs used various brands of rare wines to depict their class. This custom has seeped to the modern age. You can try the list of top 10 table wines in the world to select the best wine for a romantic dinner.

The list of top 10 table wines in the world are as follows:

1. Cabarnet Sauvignon: It is one of the best amongst the list of top 10 table wines in the world. It works best when you have beef and cheese for dinner.

2. Merlot: It is a tangy flavored wine that blends the flavors of cherry and raspberry. It goes very well with all types of food.
3. Chardonnay: This is a very popular table wine that goes best with sea food and cheese.

4. Adams Apple: If you are planning to have pasta, chicken and pork on your Valentine's Day dinner then complement it with Adams Apple wine.

5. Muscat: This type of wine has a fresh apricot taste very suitable for romantic dinners.

6. Port: If you have a budget crunch then port wine is ideal for you. It is not only good to taste but it also very affordable. 7. Pinot Noir: If you like fruity wine then this is the best table wine for you. It is usually served in between courses as it is perfect for cleaning the palate for the next course.

8. Kaskaskia Concord is perfect for people fond of rich grape wine.

9. Double Decker Red is also a popular wine that blends the flavors of Fredonia grape and Catawba perfectly. Flavors of cherry and raspberry further complements the taste of fresh grapes.

10. Elderberry: This table wine oozes in class ans taste.

There are endless varieties of red, white and port wines suitable for a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day. There are many more interesting articles on Valentine's Day celebrations in

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