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Top 10 Romantic Proposals

The best part of a romantic relationship is the proposal. In fact it is after a proposal that couples decide to lead their life together as husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend. Hence it is very necessary that the proposal should be romantic and worth remembering. You can try the lists of top 10 romantic proposals for ideas.

The top 10 romantic proposal ideas are as follows:

1. The best time to propose to a person is his/her birthday. In fact proposing on birthday is the best idea in the top 10 romantic proposals list. Birthday is one of the most special day in a person's life. You can add a personal charm to the celebrations by expressing your desire to be with him/her on every birthday of his/her life.
2. Take your beloved to his/her favorite holiday destination and make proclamation of your love when he/she is in the best mood.

3. You can also prepare for a early morning surprise. Confess your love early in the morning with a bunch of fresh flowers.

4. If you want to express yourself in style then arrange for a candle lit dinner and express yourself over a glass of champagne.
5. If your beloved is a movie freak, then arrange for a movie at home. Get a romantic movie, keep the lights dim and express yourself just when the movie reaches a romantic climax.

6. You can also go to the place where you had gone for your first date. What can be better than witnessing the maturation of a relation at a place where it had its inception.

7. You can bake a cake and write your message with cream on it. This is the sweetest idea amongst the top 10 romantic proposals

8. Write you message and keep in his/her hand bag. Getting unexpected love messages is another very romantic idea.

9. You can also write your message with sauce on his/her diner plate. Your message will be revealed when she lifts up the cover.

10. Writing a love letter is a very common but successful top 10 romantic proposal idea.

Go ahead and plan a great life together with your dear one and for assistance try the articles in

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