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Questions for Boyfriend

Being in a romantic relationship is one of the most wonderful experiences one can ever have. Although the down side is that there can be many painful upheavals too. Just as life is full of good and bad experiences so is a romantic relationship. Since this is common knowledge we all have many questions in our minds when we are in a romantic relationship with a man. All women are wary of heartbreak even if they are very sure of their boyfriends and the love they have for each other. Women are always full of many questions for boyfriend.

Wanting to ask questions to your boyfriend is not the same thing as doubting him. Questions can arise out of mere curiosity and wonder and not only if something is wrong with the love relationship. There are many common questions for boyfriend which every girl wants to ask. Some of them are:
Question: Will you leave me if your ex girlfriend comes back to you and wants to start a relationship again?

This is a serious question for boyfriend that haunts the minds of many girlfriends whether they admit it or not. There are some probable answers for this question.
One of the answers to this question could be no I will not leave you if she comes back because I am in love with you. My ex girlfriend was my past and I see my present and future with you. This is an almost ideal answer and it might not always be the only one, a boyfriend might even say that she was my ex girlfriend and I did love her once. I want to meet her and be friends with her as we shared a great relationship at one point of time. So I will strike a balance between my romantic relationship with you and my friendship with her.

Another question for boyfriend which is relevant in many couples of today's generation is regarding long distant relationships. Question: If you or I move to a different city or country, will we continue our relationship? And how?

There could be many kinds of answer he could give to this tough question. He might say that there could be a day in our lives where we might shift to another city or country but that is not a valid reason to discontinue our relationship. We will keep in touch through the phone, emails and webcam. Another contrasting answer could be that a long distance relationship is a bad idea and will destroy our relationship. Hence, we should break up if either of us plans to move to another city.

There will always be questions for boyfriend, but transparency and honesty in a relationship will provide answers to all of these.

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