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Marriage proposal letters

Marriage proposal letters are the best friend of lover's. Though we are living in the era of e-mails and cellphone. But proposal letters have an eternal effect of making a bridge between two hearts. Sometimes you may feel shy to give marriage proposals then marriage proposal letters are the best way to reciprocate your feelings. The letters can make wonder about this. Writing is better than saying anything because people believe the written words than what you are saying. And of course you tell your every secret in your proposal letter what you cannot ever able to say.

So write romantic marriage proposal letters to your beloved with the help from Here are some of the coolest fundas of marriage proposal letters:

  • The paper on which you are going to write should be of a good quality. Try pink parchment paper or a paper with a background. But always use light colored paper which will show your test.

  • While you are writing try to use some unusual fonts and a different style of writing.

  • Use ink pen preferably red to write. Red is the eternal color of romance.

  • Write in your own words, never copy from others.

  • The language of your marriage proposal letters may not be too flowery but should carry your true feelings.

  • Try to give some love quotes and one or two liner poem in your letter.

  • Give many complements about your lover but they should be true not the fake one. If you give too much complements it might make your love letter artificial.

  • Your marriage letter should carry care and respect towards your beloved.

  • If you can pain then draw some special moment at the end of the letter.

  • Give some rose petals and if you have a old rose which was given by your partner then give it with the letter.

    So don't worry and don't think so much just write straight from your heart and give your beloved a romantic marriage proposal letter.
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